Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Reasons I LOVE Being A Mom

1. Ethan's smile melts my heart! Honestly his face is the cutest thing ever to me. I won't lie, sometimes the crying gets to me, but it never fails that he ALWAYS does something sooo cute that makes me laugh or smile even at the most stressful moments. There is nothing better than hearing him jabbering to himself, seeing new things, and hearing him laugh. I just want to soak it up because I know these days won't laugh forever. It's probably why I've got a billion pictures of him.

2. He has taught me so much...Patience, unconditional love, going with the flow, forgiveness....all important life lessons that I needed more practice with before Ethan came to be. Now I can proudly say that I've turned a corner in these areas. I'm a brand new woman with more patience than I ever though I could have. I'm a difficult person ya'll, I like things the way I like them and I'm a control freak. I had lots of learning to do and believe me I'm still no saint in these areas, but I could definitely win the Most Improved award thanks to Ethan.

3. The pride of being a mom is overwhelming...People spot Ethan across the room and immediately start talking about how cute he is, sometimes, they can't even resist coming up to us and of course start putting their hands on him (turning me into a ball of nerves), but mostly I just swell up with pride. Everytime I hear "Oh, he's just the best baby!", "Does he ever cry?", "He is so cute!" I can't help myself to just beam and of course agree. I know every mom says this, but truly...having him is the biggest accomplishment of my life!

4. There's nothing better than watching him learn...If you haven't noticed, I love taking Ethan everywhere and showing him new places and things. I know that he won't remember everything (thats a plus because we will get to do it again!), but I love watching him soak everything in. I feel like showing him the world is one of my best jobs as a mother. And it's not just taking him to new places, but also watching him figure out things on his own. You can just tell that he is so proud of himself when he figures something out. I love that. I can't wait to see more of that.

5. Being a mom has fufilled my dream job...My favorite hobbies are cooking, organizing, keeping house, decorating, and taking pictures. Ethan has given me the ability to stay home and do these things every day! What a wonderful job. It does have its downsides of course as everything does, but there is nothing else I would want to do. Being a stay at home mom is everything I could ever want. When I close my eyes and dream about what I want my life to be like...I envision this (but with more kids). I envision one day being insanely busy with all their activities and putting dinner on the table for big family meals.

Thank you Ethan for making my life absolutely perfect!


  1. Awww! I love seeing you take the time to appreciate all the good things :) Babies really are the best blessing ever, in so many immeasurable ways.

    Love those pics!

  2. Just came over from Twitter, and Ethan is adorable!!! I totally get you on the pride thing. When my little one gets a compliment, I get all puffed up as if they're talking about me. I'm just so proud of who she is becoming!!!

  3. I can say a big Amen to every single one of them. SO true! I feel the very same way, and that second pic of Ethan cracks me up!

  4. I'll never regret staying home with my kids. And that going with the flow thing? Will help you forever. Lovely piece.

  5. Aw :-) I LOVED this. What a great list! Your happiness and contentment RADIATES through the words!!!

  6. It is great to "meet" fellow momies that truly LOVE being a mom. It feels to me like it was my "calling". I love it every day, all day even on the worst of days!
    Your son is a cutie and is lucky to be the son to such a proud mama!

  7. This is so sweet! I love hearing when moms loving being moms :)

  8. Aw, what a great post! Your son is adorable--I love the pic of him upside down! Too cute. And I love it too when people say how cute my kid is!


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