Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Someone is turning October.

It's official. I have started the planning process on Ethan's birthday. I know, I know...he's only 7 months old (very soon to be 8 months), but I'm someone who needs time. I'm detail oriented you see. Not only that, I'm also picky. I have a picture in my mind and I want to go out and buy EXACTLY that and nothing else will do. That's probably why I always end up ordering things online instead. Oh well.

Michael asked me last night if this party in my mind was going to cost him 40 grand.


No, no....I'm usually budget friendly.

By the way....thank God for Pinterest! I'm in love. Best place ever to do idea searching, no?

A Mommy Break

Mom came over this afternoon to watch Ethan so I could have some me time. Normally this is the time I go get my hair cut or catch up on cleaning, but today I decided I would just get out of the house.

Obviously I went to all 3 craft stores in town so I could try to find birthday party stuff.

Sometimes I just need a break. My husband works from 6AM to sometimes 7PM or later and eventually...I start to loose my cool (especially when my day begins with a 6AM cry fest). Mom does this about once a month and I couldn't be more appreciative.

It's nice just to be me for a few hours. Although I do ALWAYS miss the little guy. I saw 5 babies while I was out and I'm pretty sure I could feel a little sadness in my heart that Ethan wasn't with me.

Date Night

Tonight Michael and I are having a very over due date night and I can't wait. I put on a cute top and dyed my hair. Can't wait to eat good food, have some adult conversation, and maybe a glass of wine or two.

Sorry for the randomness, but that's where my brain is today.


  1. Do you have a theme picked out for his birthday party? I had so much fun planning Harlans!

  2. I hear ya on the birthday party planning - I've started too - partly because I too am super picky and also to try and prevent the 2 day before the party panic attack that takes the fun out of it. I've got to try this pinterest thing though - it sounds awesome!!!

    Glad you got some personal time today and have a wonderful evening with your hubs:)

  3. Woohoo for date night and wine! ;-)

  4. That's so exciting, can't wait to see what you come with! Enjoy your date night :)

  5. I think you're way toned down compared to other mamas who are planning their 1-year-old's party when they're 2 months old. ;) Can't wait to see details! And ahhh, we need a date night...

  6. I hope you enjoyed your date night last night! It's wonderful to have a break and just get out with your husband.


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