Friday, June 17, 2011

Our "Picture" Perfect Wedding Day

Do you guys get out your wedding album on your anniversary? I do. So many pictures. I mean really. You pay out the wazoo for them and usually your wedding day is when you look your best so why not capture every single moment of it. Every detail was planned out to a T. Honestly I just love having an excuse to look at them again.

***Again, all pictures were taken by the lovely Whitney Carlson from Dove Wedding Photography***

Our day came out looking pretty much just as I had pictured in my head. I had a huge folder of ideas from magazines, books, and websites all just waiting to come into fruition. Maybe not everything went according to plan, but I'm going to choose not to remember that at this time and just focus on what went right.

We were married at 7PM at my mom's church in our hometown that was packed with 300 invited guests.

We were buzzing around getting ready.

Pictures were taken beforehand so we didn't have to waste any time getting to the reception.

It was a hot summer day, but I couldn't have cared less about the heat at the time.

Our ceremony was beautiful, filled with words picked by us.

We performed the salt ceremony joining our two separate lives together as one.

We smiled, we giggled, we faced our guests too early. It was perfect.

After we were officially hitched, we took a few more pictures as a newly married couple.

Then we headed out in our borrowed Rolls Royce to our reception site.


Our reception was held at an old jean factory that used to be my mom's dads place of business.

When I dreamed of my wedding, I always envisioned having a band. Once we entered the reception site we danced our first dance to the classic "At Last".

My signature drink of Apple-tinis were served along with lots of wine and beer. Horderves were passed during the cocktail hour and a bounty of food was served buffet style later that night.

We had draped the place in white gauze and twinkle lights. The tables were covered with blue linen table cloths that perfectly matched the bridesmaids dresses and each table had a towering silver vase filled with orchids, my favorite flower.

The best man shared the classically embarrassing speech to which we laughed then I quickly yelled "wrap it up!".

We cut the cake (each layer was a different flavor) and smashed it into each others faces.

Yes, he got me.

Internally I was pissed.

Then I got over it.

I had started it after all.

Next we cut the grooms cake that I refused to eat.....a deer cake done in red velvet Steel Magnolia style.

I threw the bouquet.

He threw the garter.

We honestly spent most of our night on the dance floor dancing the night away. It was that kind of reception.

The party wrapped up around midnight and that's where I will end this recap. It was a beautiful night, exactly as I had pictured.

It was almost perfect.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    I love your dress and veil. You looked stunning!
    Happy ever after to you two love birds :-)

  2. These pictures are amazing! Your veil is stunning!

  3. Gorgeous pics and you were a beautiful bride!

  4. How beautiful. Love the Rolls! :)

  5. beautiful!
    i love looking wedding photos...
    your day looked perfect and like so much fun!!

    you've just inspired me to go look at our photos...


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