Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, Sun.

I've finally figured out what controls my son's day.

It's not me, it's not his schedule I set for him, it's the sunshine.

Yep. The secret to 12 hours of glorious sleep is winter.

It's summer time (in case you didn't know by the 90 degree heat outside and the onslaught of flies in the house).

Apparently that means he now gets up with me at 6AM and doesn't want to go to bed until around 9PM.

That's a long freaking day when I was use to him just being up from 8AM to 8PM. I was spoiled...I know.

I really know now.

He cries for the first two hours of the morning (because he's tired) which is giving my day a GLORIOUS start. Especially since I'm such a morning person. If you were thinking that was a sarcastic would be correct.

I need coffee.

To end this very whiny post I will leave you with a picture of Ethan's new favorite face...

The snarl.

And yeah....he's snorting like a pig too.


  1. Oh Ethan, give your momma a break!!!! You poor thing...hopefully he'll get readjusted to the extended daylight hours!!

  2. Three words: Room darkening shades. You'll never look back.

  3. Yes that is a long day! I know when they get up that's like they don't want to be up yet they won't go back to sleep!

  4. Ohhhh, that's a bummer! Summertime and sleep doesn't get any easier either, unfortunately. My 7 yr old has a 9:00 bedtime in the summer and frequently complains about going to bed while the sun is still out.

  5. That does suck! But the picture is too darn cute!

  6. I feel you, although this year in my hood, summer refuses to come and I'm stuck inside with a bored toddler. Mamahood is no joke, but that hilarious picture (and adorable baby) totally make up for it!

  7. Oh my gosh he is SO CUTE!!!! I know that has nothing to do with your point but look at that kissable littel snarl!

  8. Harlan is the same way. The other morning she slept in until 8 because it was very cloudy outside which made it seem as if it were still dark. What I would give to have every morning like that!


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