Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to Put Love Back in the Drivers Seat

**Pictures below are all from our engagement session with the lovely Whitney Carlson of Dove Wedding Photography.** More to come later this week.

Today is me and my husbands 3 year wedding anniversary. Normally I would share a little letter to him, but this year we have been a little preoccupied and decided to hold off celebrations until this weekend. In fact, I haven't written the letter just yet.

It's funny how your relationship changes from year to year. In the past, everything has just been all about us. Now we have another family member to think about. Without the "us" there would be no him, in fact, there would be no family.

I'm so thankful that there is an "us" and there is a "him". I couldn't imagine life any different. The "him" has catapulted life into an ultra sonic speed. Time flies by faster than I can even comprehend sometimes. Special moments happen so often that I feel pressure to keep up with taking them all in and getting them documented so we don't forget.

A relationship can get lost in all that goodness written out above. We have to remember it is important to keep focused on our own relationship. Just the two of us.

We need to make sure it stays strong and that it doesn't get overlooked and pushed into the corner. I feel us slowly letting certain things fall to the wayside like date night, or romantic trips, or just making time to do little things for each other.

All those things just take more effort now. Time has to be carved out. Things have to fall into place. Things might not go as planned. We just need to remind ourselves that it's important.

That it's worth the time. That it's worth the effort. Because it is.

We have something special. We have something worth celebrating. We have something worth remembering.

I love you Michael....Happy Anniversary!


  1. What beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Those pics are freakin' awesome!
    Happy Anniversary {Week}!

  3. What a sweet post - Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures!!

  6. Well said...happy anniversary!

  7. Love this! Happy anniversary gorgeous! You guys make one hot looking couple. No wonder that kid of yours is so darn cute!

  8. Beautiful pictures. I love that first one. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post....and so true! Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in where we are that we forget where we came from!

  10. Those are the prettiest engagement pictures I've ever seen! I really love the one with the city in the background! So unique!! Congrats on the anniversary. I think it's really sweet that you write letters to each other. Those will be so neat to read many years from now and remember!

  11. Gorgeous photos, lady! Happy anniversary to you and your lovey.

  12. Happy Anniversary!

    I loved absolutely everything about this post - the photos are beautiful! But the words - the honesty and beauty and truth behind them - were stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I love love love this post. Happy anniversary!!


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