Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ethan is 8 Months Old!

Dear Ethan,

Yet another month has flown by! In fact, you are getting so close to your first birthday that mama's already started planning. Your 7th month has been another big one and I've spent most of it chasing you around.

The house is now somewhat baby proofed. Each day I discover more possible dangers and honestly, how much our house is in need of deep cleaning. You are crawling with perfection now although sometimes you still cheat and do an army crawl.

You also started pulling up on EVERYTHING. At first you didn't know how to get down and would scream from your crib for help, but now you have learned how to ease yourself into a sitting position and have gotten so good at balancing that you can let go and stand up with just one hand for support.

You aren't really into your toys at the moment. You mostly want to get your hands on everything else in the house like the computer, outlets, magazines, cell phones, any kind of cord, and anything that's shiny or has buttons. Let's just say mama would appreciate it if you could start understanding the word "no" soon.

Speaking of talking and understanding you now look at me sometimes and say mama, especially if I'm walking out of the room. You say dadadada but I'm not sure you know who that is yet and you also tell Lola "hi".

Lola is your best bud. You chase after her and giggle up a storm when she runs circles around you. She brings you toys so that you can try and play with her, but you usually end up just pulling her hair. "Gentle" is another word we need to learn. Poor Lola!

Another biggie this month is that you are now completely paci free!!!! You don't miss it a bit. You also don't like to be rocked anymore. Putting you down for naps is a little more difficult because there is no "routine" so to speak at this time. I usually have to let you cry in your crib for a minute then come back lay you down and pat your little bootie until you relax and get into sleep mode.

We have transitioned you into your big boy carseat which means you are also sitting in shopping carts and restaurant highchairs with no problem! You are also taking big boy baths now and have completely transformed into a little water baby. You love the pool and stay in your baths for about 20 minutes these days playing with your foam alphabet letters and stacker cups.

Eating is going well still. We have now introduced cauliflower, mangos, asparagus, cherries, blueberries, potatoes (which you surprisingly hate), peaches and puffs. That's right you have started to do a little bit of finger food mostly consisting of little banana pieces and puffs. I'm hoping this next month will lead to even more of it! 

As far as clothing goes you are mostly wearing 6-9 month clothing with the 6 month getting snug. You weigh about 17.5 pounds and are now out of your small cloth diapers and are mostly wearing mediums and one size Fuzzinbunz. I don't know your shoe size because to be honest you haven't worn shoes since Easter.

I have loved watching you grow this month and can't wait to see what the next one holds!



  1. Happy 8 Months Ethan! This has been a big month for you...can't wait to see you guys in an hour!

  2. Happy 8 months! His stats read about the same as my 10 mos old....it's funny how different they all develop!

    PS I have 2 Medium Fuzzibunz (bright yellow and buttercream) that were washed but never worn. We need velcro for daycare. If you'd be interested in them let me know!

  3. SO cute!! I love the the black and white picture right before the one of y'all on vacation... he looks like he's up to something in it :-)

  4. Happy 8 month birthday, Ethan!!! What big month for your little guy - sounds like he is into everything!! I love that first pic of him - it is absolutely adorable!!!

    Addie also loves to pull on our dogs, along with reaching for cell phones, remote controls, and cords. I feel like I'm constantly pulling something out of her reach!

  5. Happy 8 months cutie!

    Is that a Moby you've got him in? I've been doing research on different slings, but haven't known anyone that's used one.

  6. This is so sweet! What a treasure to have this look back on :)


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