Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

As soon as I chose this title I couldn't help but instantly think of the song Mother's Little Helper by the Rolling Stones (Are you singing it now? Probably not.), but alas that is certainly not what I am talking about. Although some days....I probably could be tempted! Kidding....mostly....ok 99% kidding...maybe 98%.

Let's just move on.

Over the past month Ethan has become very interested in everything Michael and I are doing. He copies us getting ready, he wants to eat/drink what we do, but mostly he wants to help with whatever task is at hand. He "helps" me swiffer the floors, mows the driveway when daddy mows the lawn and always wants to help feed Lola although I'm pretty sure that's because he's more interested in sneaking a bite or two of her food along the way. Thank goodness it's organic right?

Lately though it's turned into more than that. He thinks he must help me with EVERYTHING: loading the dryer, unloading the dishwasher, helping me cook, pushing the cart at the store. It may make everything take a bajillion times longer than it usually would, but I'm still encouraging it.

At this point I may not need the help, but I know that when I'm obesely pregnant or have a newborn in my arms, I'm going to need this little guys help no matter how long it takes. I see a wonderful paci/bottle retriever in my future! 

And no, I'm not using my kid. Ok, maybe slightly. But honestly? I really have high hopes that it will help him transition better into the role of big brother. I'm not sure how E will react to a little competition around the house, but I'm hoping that by making sure he has a role in the whole thing that it will make the transition easier. 

Let's just hope this mommy's little helper routine continues on into his teens. :)


  1. I know what you takes longer but we better use that help while we can...b/c I am pretty sure they become uninterested in helping before we know it :) So we'll let them help fold the laundry (even when they dump the whole thing) or swiffer the whole floor.

  2. We have a little helper at our house too, but I need to be more patient with him. I'm usually so pressed for time when things need to be done they NEED to be done and I can't take an hour to do it. I should take your approach and appreciate it now, because in a few years chores will be the last thing he wants to help with!

  3. I only read the first paragraph so far (I indeed did break out into song) and had to laugh. The other day I turned on my usual cooking playlist but this time I scoured through trying find that particular song to start with, for no reason in particular. When B had gotten home a few minutes earlier, I had told him it was a trying day... The song came on and I heard laughter in the other room. My subconscious got the best of me this time.... Mini is a good helper too though, and you're so very right about having a great little future baby helper!

  4. Yeah Umm .. I use Eva all the time. "Eva, can you be a good helper and go get Gwen's blanket? Can you help mommy by putting this in the laundry?" And so on...

  5. This is so sweet! Easton loves to help too! It does take twice as long to do it, but in the end, i'm raising a boy that knows how to help! And there's no shame in that!

  6. I love when they ask to help - it's so sweet :)

  7. I love when they ask to help - it's so sweet :)

  8. "obesely pregnant" - hahahaha!

    I think he'll make an wonderful helper once the new baby arrives!


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