Friday, July 6, 2012

Round and Round

This summer heat has really been getting to us all. It seems like we haven't had a break from it in a few good weeks. Lately we have taken to hiding indoors as being out in the heat for even a few minutes can completely wipe me out. 

Right before we left our old home for good, we took one more trip to the Nashville Zoo with Michael's parents. We hadn't been since last year when E was around 6 months old so it was basically like his first time all over again. That is one of the cool things about kids isn't it? It's always new with every age. 

Ethan is obviously still at that age where he isn't really into anything specifically yet, but at the same time, he's into everything. I have to admit I'm always wondering just what is going to be that one thing that really excites him. Will he want to be a pilot? A soccer player? A chef? Or perhaps he will be into science?

His daddy is so thrilled to always be showing him new "manly things" like playing with his tools, digging holes in the backyard, putting on big boy kid is obsessed with "putting on deodorant". Don't ask, I don't least he won't be the smelly kid in class. No one wants to be that guy.

I digress.

There are times though when I wonder just what I will bring to the table for Ethan. You see, I don't have a lot of special talents beyond being able to cook, clean and make a great dessert. And while, those things will be somewhat important for him to learn, I wish I had that one thing that I could share that he would carry on with him forever.

One of my hopes is just to show him the world and all the wonderful opportunities and fun things it can hold. I've always felt the strong urge to travel and just simply experience more things around me and now, Ethan is good excuse to do just that. 

I can't tell you how much my heart leaped when I saw the carousal at the zoo. I've always loved carousals...there is something just simply magical about them. It was one of the top things I'd wanted to do with E while he was young. Well, that and those amazing swings they use to have at Opryland that don't exist anymore. I use to ride those swings over and over. But again....I digress. The carousal was the next best thing. 

I overheard Michael asking his mom if she wanted to take E and suddenly my own 2 year old self came out as I exclaimed "No! I want to take him!". She probably thought I was crazy, but I had to be the one (thankfully she's a sweet person and didn't mind letting me have my chance). I normally don't mind letting Ethan experience some firsts with others, but this was mine. And his of course. It's all about him right?

After we anxiously awaited our turn, we went around and round the carousal trying to pick out the perfect animal. We sat on 3 different ones before we finally landed on the monkey. 

He was a little unsure at first. I'm pretty sure he was getting tired of waiting on it to start. Obviously patience is not one of his strong suits just yet. Before long though, we were off and both of us were having a blast.

We went round and round. He was laughing and just having a blast. It's truly a memory that I will never forget. I could have ridden that carousal a million times over. 


  1. omg looks like SO much fun. I try to take E on one every time we go to the zoo... and she FREAKS. She is as prissy as it gets.

    Loved the whole post all around.

    Loved all the pics.

    You have SO much to bring to the table mama. And deodorant? Haha! I love it!

  2. Dont ever apologize for snagging a "first" with your kids!! It's our right as moms :) with loving grandparents waiting in the wings it's sometimes awkward but, for me, those are the moments i get to be the "good cop" instead of the one who always has to say "no." or "maybe later." So glad he had fun. And that dino trek got a thumbs up from carter too!

  3. I don't blame you one bit for snagging this first with Ethan! What a fun first to have! Also, as for what you are bringing to the table, I think you'll be surprised what he'll take away from you. I for one, think a man whose been taught to cook, clean and show unconditional love is the best kind around! I have a feeling you'll be able to offer those traits and many, many more :)

  4. I bet you share more with him than you will ever know. He will have your adventurous spirit!

    I loved my first carousel ride with W too. I didn't want it to end, but those rides seem so very short!

    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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