Friday, July 13, 2012

Today is Definitely the 13th

You know it is Friday the 13th when...

- First thing in the morning you step in a pile of dog poo and come very close to busting your rear end in a river of pee.

- Your son also decides it would be a good idea to make his own river of pee on the hardwood floor.

- You realize you scheduled a pick up today for some returns only to remember you have no clue where your packing tape is packed. This leads to meticulously recycling packing tape off of the mountains of boxes in your garage because you refuse to go to the post office.

- The power goes out for no apparent reason at all leading you to escape to another personal hell....Walmart.

- You arrive at the checkout lane with a weeks worth of groceries only to realize you left your wallet on the kitchen counter.

- You try to forget your worries at McDonalds (a guilty pleasure) only to find a line wrapped around the building and your screaming the entire time.

- You are hurriedly trying to clean up for your guests arrival only to discover your son has grabbed a pen out of the drawer and colored ALL OVER the dining room walls.

The worst part is....

This day is nowhere near over. 


  1. Oh good lord! I pray naptime was extra long

  2. Holy (#&$(#$*. At this point in the day, I hope you've got a very large glass of wine in your hand!

  3. Ahhh, the 'terrible two's'! I am so glad I am not the only one going through them.

  4. Dear goodness that sounds like a day. Praying it got better!

  5. Oh my. And you can't even have wine. I am so sorry, Laura!


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