Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Making the Best of It

Can I tell you a secret? 

Sometimes I like to complain. In fact, I feel like sometimes there is nothing more fulfilling than releasing a good rant. There is something a little therapeutic about it to me I guess. 

I have to admit though that sometimes I don't know how to turn it off and that little bit of fulfillment turns into unhappiness. Complaining becomes annoying and before I know it everything in my life is one big problem. 

It's an issue I've been trying to keep under control a little bit more. I've decided to start rolling with the punches and making the best of things. Sure there are days that are bad, sure I might rant and rave about them, but it all has to be in moderation. 

Ethan's birthday week did not go smoothly. I forgot that last week was a school holiday (stupid Columbus Day) and then they cancelled Thursday as well due to illness. Needless to say I didn't get as much done as I had hoped and to top it all off Friday became a no nap day for Ethan which hardly ever happens. It was a rough start to a busy weekend.

We barley made it to my mom's without me having a mental flip out. Mr. Handsy in the backseat could hardly keep his hands off all his party decor. Things were getting ripped and crumpled and with each sound of paper tearing a little piece of my sanity bit the dust. I was trying my hardest to not flip out on my precious son who was extremely excited about his party. It took a lot of deep breathing to get through those 4.5 hours. I swear they teach you deep breathing in child birth class more for when you are raising the child than for the actual birthing. 

On party day, the weather decided to not cooperate either. We were suppose to have his party at the airport around planes that would have excited him to no end. We were suppose to surprise him with an actual plane ride that would have really blown his little mind and none of that was going to happen. 

I could have cried.

I could have flipped out.

But I didn't. 

Even though my plans weren't going to come through, I knew that Ethan would be just a thrilled with the last minute plan of having it at my mom's. I kept my cool and in turn, no one else flipped out either. The experience ended up being a good one where everyone came together and just made it happen. In the past, I would have completely ruined that with my pissy attitude. Nothing gets to me more than not having control over the situation. 

Things may not have turned out exactly as I had been envisioning for the last 5 months, but they turned out pretty great. Ethan was super excited. He had been talking about his party for months and I'm so glad I didn't let him down. 

I could have really ruined the day. I could have taken my dismay out on everyone around me, but I didn't. It might not be a big feat for some of you, but for was a moment to be proud of. 

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  1. Your comment about learning to breathe for labor being necessary for much more than that made me laugh....because it's SO true! My 2 year old is Ms. Grabby Hands too and it drives me crazy!

    I hate it when things don't turn out as I had planned or envisioned but in this case, I think the party turned out awesome for you and Ethan looks like he had a ton of fun!

  2. The party was so cute and we are ALWAYS impressed by your skillz! Way to go at staying positive. As moms we gotta roll with the punches :).....or else we'd all be alcoholics

  3. So sorry that Ethan's party wasn't as you had planned. I'm heading over to check out the pics right now and I'm sure it was fabulous! Kudos to you mama for keeping your cool. You are a better woman than me!


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