Monday, October 8, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Monday

It's 7:22AM and still completely dark outside. I'm blaming that for my slow movement today...well the last several days really. I had big plans of things I needed to get done before I got Ethan up, but none of them happened. 

Mondays are hard. Seems like an obvious enough statement, but I get so overwhelmed from all the things that need to be done to catch up from the weekend. I love the weekend, but it gets me off schedule on things like cleaning dishes, laundry, picking up in general. By the time Monday rolls around the house looks likes a disaster area and I hate waking up to it. 

Ethan is sitting beside me in bed right now drinking his milk and watching Curious George. Pretty sure this is my favorite morning routine. It means I don't have to start off the day going 100mph. I'm hoping that this little routine continues when baby Jackson arrives so I can sneak in a few more zzz's. We shall see though.

I feel like I haven't done a pregnancy update in quite some time. I keep meaning to and then I forget to take a picture and decide to wait. You guys do remember that I'm still pregnant right? I'm pretty sure I haven't given an official update since August which is pretty ridiculous. Here's the quick update...sleeping sucks, I feel big as a house and I'm ready for the baby to just get here already.

Writing everyday, sometimes twice a day has been a good refresher course for me I think. Although I'm not quite sure everyone else is enjoying it. The last 4 Happiness posts have been way quiet and pretty overlooked. I guess they are more for me than my readers and that in itself is both the problem and the reason I enjoy it. Sometimes I feel myself getting caught up in trying to develop a post more for everyone else's enjoyment rather than just spewing my thoughts which is why I started this little space to begin with. And yes, I'm totally making a faux paus as I know it's not favorable to talk about blogging on the blog....

I still can't wake up.

I probably should drink a cup of coffee, but since I drink de-caff it's not really going to solve anything.

Currently Ethan is using my face as a roadway for his steam roller. Lots of things on my body could use flattening out these days, but I don't know about my face. 

Sometimes there are days where I miss going to a physical workplace. A time out from the home I guess you could say. There are times where I feel like I don't contribute much, but then there are also times when I feel like I do everything for our family besides making the money. I know though that no matter which path I walked down I'd be curious to know what the other is like. In the end, I'm happy where I'm at. I remember way too many days sitting at work wishing I was home taking care of my own families needs instead of others.

Well, the second episode of George is coming to an end so I think it's time for us to get moving around here. Time to pull back the covers and get to work right? I can't ignore Monday forever.


  1. I wish Nolan would do morning cuddles but as soon as the boy hits the floor he's going 100 mph. This post definitely resonates with me...and sometimes I do miss a physical work place but like you said then we would wish were with our own families. And yes this darkness has really got me not wanting to get out of bed!

  2. The morning quiet time routine has been the same for us too since charlie was born. It probably decreases overall productivity, but increases my sanity. still in bed as im typing this.

  3. Oh Monday's, why do they have to be so tough?! My house is a total mess as well, one I don't think I can ignore any longer. Also, I like hearing that writing everyday has been a good refresher. I've had some trouble writing lately. So many topics and posts are floating around in my head but they just never make it to the computer quite the right way. Perhaps I should jump on the 31 day challenge for a litttle boost. Happy Monday, Laura :)

  4. Monday mornings always come too fast and sometimes you just need to take it slow!


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