Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Reflecting on Today

To be honest...I'm not feeling this whole happiness thing at the moment.


I just want to turn the lights out and pull the covers up and kiss day 8 goodbye.

I say that, but was a great day.

A pajama clad, cold, rainy do nothing kind of day. I enjoyed it. I got a couple of things done. Nothing monumental, but enough to not drown me in dirty dishes and laundry tomorrow. 

Ethan was in a fantastic mood. He was definitely loving him some mommy today and I will take all the kisses, cuddles, tickles and hugs he has to offer anytime. That...that, makes my heart happy.

Then I read this post, which really describes my life and feelings right now to a "T". (What does that saying mean anyways...what's so perfect about a "T"? I've always wondered.) And it reminded me yet again, that these sweet days are fleeting. One day I will not be the center of Ethan's world and it makes my heart hurt. It all goes too fast. I know everyone says it...but, seriously there is not a truer statement. 

The past couple of nights I've been going from having happy wonderful days to crabby pregnant lady at night. I think the pressures of everything I didn't get checked off my to-do list start to pile up on me at night when I start thinking about tomorrow. I've got half a dozen major projects going on right now, but I don't feel like doing any of them hence all the piling up. I honestly just want to sit back and enjoy my son and the stage he is in. 

Maybe him turning two is hitting me a little bit. I don't want to miss out on him because everything else in life is so hectic. You can't get time back right? It's just gone and by the time I finish blinking he will be three. 

This post really has no point. In fact, it's the second stream of consciousness post of today. Maybe that should have been my 31 day challenge. I just didn't have the energy to sit here and stare at a blank screen for an hour trying to come up with something half way inspiring.

If I was asked what brought me happiness today I'd simply say it was ignoring my to-do list and soaking up my sweet boy.

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  1. Everyone has days when they cant muster up the energy to do much...add in pregnancy and that just changes everything!

    I completely understand what you mean about Ethan turning 2... it's all happened so fast. Ethan and my daughter are a day apart, she was born 10/7/10!

    Hope you're feeling better today.

  2. The weather here lately has made me feel like curling up in my pjs on the couch too! Sometimes it's okay to forget about the to-do lists and just enjoy :)

  3. We all have those days so dont feel like you are alone on this... I think you are doing the most important thing on your "To Do" list and that is to take care of yourself and enjoy that sweet boy of yours!! I have been reading all of your happiness posts and I have really enjoyed them. Just so you know ;) I hope tomorrow feels happier for you!


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