Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flying High - Ethan's 2nd Birthday Party

After months of planning and many turbulent patches I can say that Ethan's 2nd birthday was a flying success!

The original flight (which was suppose to be at the actual airport) ended up being cancelled due to weather and was re-routed to my mom's house. I seriously have her to thank for saving the day. I probably could have used an oxygen mask to get through that day....that or a stiff drink, but it all worked out!

I sent out "tickets" in the old timey air-mail envelopes which everyone got a big kick out of. It was a simple touch that really set the mood for the party I think.

Last year, I crafted, cooked and baked everything myself for Ethan's first birthday party. I wised up a little this year and decided that between being 7 months pregnant and a move, it would probably be best to not make any of the food myself this go around.

I added plenty of special touches though to really keep the personal DIY look. I bought some cute take out boxes from a local restaurant and filled them with a sandwich, apples and chips. The perfect in-flight lunch if you will. I also used some cute printables to spice up little miniature chocolates, pretzels and Jet Fuel (aka water). 

I did end up baking the cookies myself. I quickly learned that I should probably never attempt anything more complicated than clouds in the future. At first I scoffed at the price tag of $30 for a dozen professionally decorated cookies. I now realize why the hell they cost that much.

The table above, as simple as it looks, was probably one of the biggest pains of the whole party. I'll explain...


Simple right? 

I sent my husband out the morning of the party to get some. I didn't call ahead because really I didn't need but a couple. He arrived at the Dollar Tree to find out they didn't have latex balloons, only mylar and nothing in our theme. He went to Kroger where he discovered a helium shortage. Finally he went to hell on Earth..aka discover after being told to purchase the balloons first, that there was no color option of string other than pink unless he made yet another purchase. Wild goose chase...I'd say so. 


I shamefully hang my head when I tell you it took me half an hour to figure out how to wrap a single fork in a semi decent way. I'm dedicated...and slow apparently.


These were suppose to be cotton candy "clouds". Just a little tippity tip...pre-made cotton candy does not re-fluff. It's a crumbly, stiff mess. So Crunch and Munch cones they became. They serve popcorn at the airport right? Well at Sager Airlines they do!

Moving right along...

I remade those cute little boxes at least 3 times. Thank God I had ordered more than I needed. My precious toddler quickly learned that the red boxes contained airplane suckers and he just could not help himself. There is no pic of the inside, but they contained chocolate bars packaged on top of marshmallow clouds, a compass/whistle, a toy airplane and the ever so coveted airplane sucker.

We had a couple of party games. I wasn't quite sure what 2-4 year olds were actually capable of playing, but they loved the "Pin the Propeller" game I had my dad make. It was cute watching them cheat by lifting the blind fold up. They requested to play it several times over.

My personal favorite were the airplanes my husband made out of moving boxes. It didn't last long, but they had fun taking a quick run in them. My son was more interested in picking all the star stickers off them and then "parking" them all in a line.

Speaking of the birthday boy...he had an absolute blast. He had been talking about his party for months. He had seen bits and pieces of it being put together and he would know it was for him and say "party?". I don't know if he really knew what a party was, but he knew it was something to get excited about.

He loved having all of his favorite people around him and I could tell he felt special which was everything I wanted for him.  I know I could have done a lot less and him be just as happy, but as much as the party is a celebration for him, it is also a send off to another fabulous year as parents and a celebration of what's to come. To me, my children's birthdays will always be a big deal. All the work I put into it is my way of showing them love.

My favorite part of the party honestly happened after all the guests had left. Ethan decided he wanted to check out all the decorations. He proudly carried around his birthday banner and sampled all of the treats. 

My mom thought I was nuts for letting him have even more sugar than he had already consumed, but I knew he had been eyeing some of this stuff for months and who was I to deny him of that simple birthday pleasure? He ate marshmallows from the centerpiece, finally got an airplane sucker and nibbled one of the propeller roller pops. After he was sufficiently covered in sticky residue he was super ready for bath time. 

Despite all the turbulence, I think we had a successful flight. 

Happy 2nd birthday little man! 

Giving Credit where Credit is Due:

Printables: Simone Made It
Paper Products:Party at Lewis


  1. You did a fantastic job!!! I love all the details and the invitation was such a great idea! Ethan looks like he had a blast.

  2. Oh my did you do a fantastic job! Everything looked great...I love the theme all the nice touches. You thought of everything! :)

  3. Wow, you did an awesome job on everything!

  4. Wow!! It turned out amazing!! Great job!

  5. Wow, girlie, this was amazing. I could never pull something like this off. You are welcome to move up here to the frozen tundra of the north and plan my boys' party anytime. SYT will be 3 in May and PUT will be 1 5 days earlier, so we are going to do a joint birthday party the day before Mother's Day. I'm already dreading it! Being that creative is really hard for me, especially when it comes to kids' parties. I've pinned some on pinterest that I love, but they're for older kids. I really will have to start getting my ideas together in early 2013!!

  6. This is seriously one of the cutest parties I've ever seen. Great job Laura!!! And I feel your pain on those cookies - they are so much work! I've done them and they taste great but they are not nearly as cute as your clouds. Looks like an awesome party for your sweet Ethan!

  7. You did such a great job momma! This is SO adorable...every single precious detail:)

  8. Laura! This is amazing! Like a dream!
    I hope you think imitation is the most sincere from of flattery, because I want this EXACT party! Sager airlines an all! kidding (only about the Sager part) :)


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