Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 11: Jackson - 30 Weeks in the Making

Yep. I'm a day behind again. I'll catch up, but at the moment I'm in the midst of birthday party madness and this circus is about to hit the road. We will be leaving town this afternoon to head back to middle TN to celebrate Ethan with family and friends. I can't wait!

You know what else I'm behind on???

Baby Jackson updates!!!

In fact, I don't think I've updated since...wait for it....AUGUST. 

Major mom fail right?

Let's just say...we've grown.

I'm combining this update with my 31 Days challenge because really this pregnancy has made me so incredibly happy. Yes, there are a lot of uncomfortable moments and some anxiety ridden ones as well, but honestly everything has been going really well. This pregnancy has flown by really. I passed my glucose test a couple of weeks ago, but I did find out that I had low iron. Ever since I started my iron supplements I have felt soooo re-energized. It's wonderful.

Pregnancy may not be my absolute favorite look or feeling in life, but feeling a baby move around inside is such a special feeling. We had to work a little bit to get to where we are, but I feel so blessed to be pregnant again.

See...pregnancy is happiness?

Onto the update...

Total Weight Gained: Do we really still have to talk about this? Ugh...28 pounds. My goal was to be under 40, with 9 more weeks to go that means I'd have to be pretty cautious to make it, but maybe I can...maybe. I do feel and look better than I did with E though, so that counts for something right?

Sleep: Night sweats, leg cramps and back and hip pain are here folks. It's officially time to break out the pillow cocoon. 

Best Moment of the Week: I think the best moment was yesterday when we scheduled baby Jackson's birthday!!!! Our little man should be here bright and early the morning of December 14th! Woohoo. Yay for even dates! Did you know I was weird about that? I am.

Belly Button: Still flattish. 

Labor Signs: Nope.

Movement: This kid is super active. I refer to him as my alien baby because sometimes it literally feels like he might kick his way out of my belly button. I've seen body parts slide across my stomach which is super strange and super cool all at the same time. Ethan was definitely not this much of a mover.

Food Craving: Nothing really specific. I guess I did have some burger cravings these past couple of weeks. The Hardee's #2 combo has definitely been a favorite. Hmm...probably not good for the weight gain problem.

What I Miss: Being skinny. 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting Jackson's room together! Things are semi in process although we still haven't kicked Ethan out yet. Stuff has been ordered, ideas are being formulated...hopefully it will come together quickly.


  1. Wow! 30 weeks already!? I feel like you just announced you were pregnant. Looking good!

  2. Hi! I love your photo in this post! You are adorable!

    I'm visting from Black and White with A Little Pink.

  3. I can't believe you are 30 weeks already! You look about 20 weeks! (you are tiny) Can't wait to meet him!

  4. You look fantastic, Laura!! I felt like Peter moved SO much more than Spencer as well. Funny, huh?

    I cannot wait to see all the pics from Ethan's birthday. You did such an amazing job with his first, I'm sure this one will be just as awesome! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. UM WHAT?? WHEN DID YOU GET TO BE 30 WEEKS!!!!!!!???! holy cow!

  6. Ahhh 30 weeks!! That seems so close! You look fabulous momma! How exciting to head "home" to celebrate Ethan's big day! Have fun:)

  7. I can't believe you are 30 weeks ... but then that means I am 33 which is just like holy moly, baby girl is coming! We are so blessed :)

  8. I cannot believe you're at 30 weeks! This pregnancy really is flying by. I'm so happy to hear its been such a good time for you and your family! You look wonderful. Have fun celebrating Ethan :)

  9. Wait... 28 lbs? Where? I think you look fantastic, so I think you should just keep rocking on!

  10. I CAN NOT believe you area already 30 weeks! Congrats girl you look great!


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