Friday, October 5, 2012

New Site, New Design, Free Ads!

It's been long overdue, but I finally took the leap and got myself a new fabulous design! Thanks to Jessica over at Diamond Doll Design, I'd say things around here are looking much, much better! She was super easy to work with and very accommodating to my ever changing mind. There are still a few tweaks in progress, but those are mostly organizational changes I want to do around here. Are you loving the new look???

I also thought that this would be a great time to get my very own domain and be an official .com! Woohoo! So the new address here will be...

It's not fully activated yet, but within 24 hours blogger should redirect you automatically so hopefully there won't be any glitches. 

Fingers crossed! 

Along with the rest of the changes...I decided it was time to offer ad spots to other bloggers, businesses and etsy shop owners! 

For a trial period I'll be offering these spots completely free!!!! I'm awesome right? There are two codes to choose from if you decide to advertise with me this month...

MTURocks - This will make your ad completely free
MTUSwap - This ad is also free but allows me to advertise on your site if you are set up with Passionfruit as well!

For some reason all of this is making me feel all grown up. Thank you all for reading and supporting this little hobby! It truly brings joy to my life and it wouldn't be half as fun without my awesome readers!

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  1. I love your new blog design!! It's so pretty and bright. I'd love to advertise my blog on your page but I'm a fairly newish blogger and to be honest I have no idea how to set up a button!!! I'll try to figure it out and hopefully we can swap :)

  2. Looks fabulous! How about I buy one and get one free :) I just submitted!

  3. Looks great!! I just bought one. Shoot me an email and Ill give you my swap code.

  4. Love the new look!

  5. Awesome! The blog looks super cute.


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